USA Issues Its First ‘X’ Gender Passport

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Last week, the Federal Government of the United States of America issued its first passport with the gender marked as ‘X’ – a landmark for the people who do not wish to be identified as male or female. The US Government states this is only the first step in its plan to more widely recognize people who don’t identify as non-binary genders and hopes to offer the option more broadly from 2022 onwards.

The U.S. government announced the news of adding a 3rd gender for non-binary, intersex, & gender non-conforming citizens; the US government also mentioned that the update in its systems would require time to be updated. Now, citizens of USA will be allowed to select their own gender out of the 3 choices without having to provide a medical certificate to prove their gender if it did not match the identification on other documents.

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U.S. Special Diplomatic Envoy for LGBTQ+ rights, Jessica Stern stated that the decision to add a 3rd ‘X’ gender brings the government in line with the current reality of there being a wider spectrum of human sex characteristics & identification than reflected by the previously existing 2 gender designations. Jessica Stern also mentioned the step is a big move in acknowledging rights of the LGBTQ+ community as when individuals obtain identity documents that reflect & recognize their true identity can live with greater dignity & respect while holding their heads held high.

USA joins a list of more than dozen countries who have added the option for 3rd gender to their official travel documents in an effort to help people travel while maintaining their own identity & be safer for it. Dana Zzyym, 63, an intersex activist from Fort Collins, Colorado, had been in a legal battle with the US State Department to obtain a passport that did not require them to select the male or female gender. Dana Zzyym became the first US citizen to receive a passport with the gender marked ‘X’, they said “it was thrilling to finally get the passport, the goal was to help the next generation of intersex people win recognition as full citizens with rights, rather than travel the globe.”

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In other news, the United States of America is also planning to re-open all its land borders to allow non-essential travel for fully vaccinated individuals. Its neighbouring countries, Mexico & Canada have urged the US to re-open its borders and ease travel restrictions as there were a lot of families & individuals who couldn’t travel to meet their family on the other side of the border. The new rules, to be announced Wednesday, will allow fully vaccinated foreign nationals to enter the U.S. regardless of the reason for travel starting in early November, when a similar easing of restrictions is set to kick in for air travel into the country.

By mid-January, even essential travelers seeking to enter the U.S., like truck drivers, will need to be fully vaccinated. The latest move follows last month’s announcement that the U.S. will end country-based travel bans for air travel, and instead require vaccination for foreign nationals seeking to enter by plane.

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