UK Passport Processing & Deliveries Delayed, Citizens Irate

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The UK Passport Office, also known as HMPO (Her Majesty’s Passport Office) has an official contract with delivery service providers TNT – owned by FedEx, to deliver documents/passports to & from UK citizens applying for passports. Of late, there have been thousands of reports of deliveries of passport or passport related documents being delayed by days without notice and hampering a number of citizens’ plans to travel abroad. Few applicants have been waiting for months when usually the processed passports are dispatched within 7-10 working days.

Numerous cases of applicants losing their essential documents and even passports during delivery transit have also been reported. FedEx, the parent company of TNT has issued a public apology to applicants affected for inconveniences caused and stated they are working to take additional measures to provide punctual deliveries by adding more resources to help operations in the UK. The HMPO are taking up to 10 weeks or more to process regular passport due to Covid-19 related backlogs, this problem is also compounded by the fact that deliveries of documents from applicants are getting delayed and deliveries of passports to applicants either delayed or lost in transit.

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Applicants who have paid £300 for fast-track approval & turnaround time of 7 days have ended up not receiving their passports for more than 3 weeks while many have complained of continuous rescheduling of delivery dates & times. TNT is one of the few courier services that does not have real-time tracking solutions which can help the applicants track the movements of their deliveries. Applicants have had no success trying to resolve their delivery issues with TNT customer care or helplines.

The HMPO meanwhile has resorted to using alternate postal services, passports lost by TNT were re-printed and mailed via the Royal Mail to the applicants. FedEx pinned the reason for delays as increased demand of passport applications and the lack of resources of its partners to deal with such demand. HMPO and FedEx are working to get to the root of the issue so that the deliveries can be made on time again to avoid inconvenience to UK citizens.

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