Steps to Renew Spanish Passport Online Renewal Form Download

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Passport is that document which is quite necessary when it comes to travelling overseas. And this Spanish passport allows the citizens of Spain to travel across the globe in an easy manner. If at all your passport is no more valid then you may apply for a renewal of Spanish passport.

Understand the simple steps on how to renew a Spanish passport in this article. Keep reading to know more.

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Where should I get the Spanish passport renewed?

  1. The citizens of Spain can get their passports renewed at the passport office if they are in Spain
  2. However, if they are not in Spain, then they can get your Spanish passports renewed at either a Spanish embassy or a consulate
  3. One will be able to locate any of the two in the country they reside at present

Eligibility to renew Spanish passport:

  1. Basically you will have to be a Spaniard to get the passport renewed
  2. Apart from this, the applicant has to hold a current passport or passport that has been earlier issued by the concerned authorities
  3. Finally, the age of the applicant has to be either 18 years or more than that if it is an adult passport
  4. But for a child passport, applicant’s age should be less than 18 yearss
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List of the documents required to get a Spanish passport renewed:

  1. Completely filled passport application form
  2. Previous passport or the current passport
  3. 3 photographs

For a child passport the following documents are required:

  1. Filled in passport application form
  2. Earlier issued passport
  3. Parental consent
  4. 3 photographs
  5. Parent’s identification proof

Steps to get a Spanish passport renewed:

  1. To get your Spanish passport renewed, you will have to first of all get the passport application form from a passport office
  2. One can get it from any of the passport offices that are close to the place you reside
  3. Fill the passport application form carefully
  4. The reason is that these details will be later displayed on the page
  5. Therefore before you finally submit the form re – check the application
  6. Sign the form along with the date
  7. Attach the documents listed out in this article
  8. One will be required to go to the passport office in – person to submit the form along with the documents
  9. Applicant may pay the fee either in cash or through credit or a debit card
  10. When the application form has been successfully submitted, you will receive the acknowledgement
  11. This acknowledgement will have the passport application number
  12. Schedule an appointment with this acknowledgement number
  13. And when you go to the passport office in person, you will have to give the bio – metric details
  14. These details include finger print / photograph / signature

Processing time:

It would generally take about 10 working days to get the passports issued. But this will certainly depend on the documents submitted.

Fee to get the passport renewed:

Essentially to get either a new Spanish passport or to renew the passport, one will have to pay 1, 350. 00 php as the renewal fee.

For more details or further clarification click on the following link –

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