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People will now be able to renew their passport without much or any trouble. But one should make a note as this is a very important point – when renewing or for that matter applying for a Maltese passport, you can do so either in Malta only or anywhere else in the world.

When you are in Malta, you can approach the passport office at Malta to get your passport renewed. However, if you are away from your hometown then you may take the help of either a Maltese embassy or a consulate to have the passport renewed. Read on to know how to renew a passport.

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Who is eligible to renew a Maltese passport?

Maltese can renew a Maltese passport. For the 18 years old or more, the applicants will have to fill the adult passport application form. And the rest can renew their passport in the children category.

Documents required to get a Maltese passport renewed:

  1. Current or the recently issued passport
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Identity proof
  4. Marriage certificate (only important to a few applicants)
  5. 2 recent colour photographs
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Steps to renew a Maltese passport:

  1. You will have to get the passport application form from the post office & fill this form correctly
  2. Enclose the required documents which will help you renew your passport
  3. Pay the processing fee or the passport charges in cash or debit or credit card or through an online transfer
  4. Next step would be to submit both the form & documents by post
  5. On successful submission of the renewal application form, the applicant will get passport application number via an acknowledgement
  6. Applicants must use the passport application number to schedule an appointment at the passport office
  7. This appointment will help you to provide biometric details
  8. Similar to the first time application, you would be required to give the signature/photograph & fingerprints for the biometric details

Maltese passport renewal application processing time:

Applicants will have to wait for about 4 working days to get their passport renewed.

Passport fee Details:

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  1. For the applicants who are 16 years old & above, passport fee is € 80
  2. For 10 to 15-year-old applicants, passport fee is € 40
  3. € 16 is the fee for those applicants who are under the age of 10

Download links

  1. Download Form A by clicking on –
  2. To download Form F – ENG, click on the link mentioned here –
  3. Download Form I – ENG by clicking on the following link –
  4. To download Form J – ENG, click on –
  5. For the image capture form, you must click on the following link –

For further details or clarification or any further queries, click on the following link to be directed to the official website of the Malta government – (OR)

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