Steps to know Status & Collect Hong Kong Passport

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After you have applied for a Hong Kong passport, it also becomes a necessity to track & not to forget collect the Hong Kong passport. But there are a few things that have to be kept in mind before you directly go ahead with the process. Read this article to know more.

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How to collect the Hong Kong passport when application is submitted online:

An applicant may collect their newly issued passport that too in person at the Immigration office when they come up with their permanent identity card & the other documents that they had submitted when they had applied for the passport.

Remember to sign the application form once you receive the passport. Another important point is that the children who are aged 11 to 15 or those people who are unmarried & are 16 or 17 years old will have to bring along their legal guardians or the consenting parents when collecting the passport.

And if you have applied for a replacement of the passport, never forget to come forth with the earlier issued passport so that it will be cancelled.

  1. To collect the passport, you will be required to get the Collection Notice or the self – service tag kiosk.
  2. And if you wish to skip these steps book your appointment online at
  3. Or you may also contact the office at 2598 0888

Collect your passport when applied by post or drop – in box:

The applicants who are 16 years or older than that will receive the Collection Notice from the Immigration department & this notice will have the date as well as the office from where the passport is to be collected.

And if it is a replacement of the passport then the earlier issued passport has to be brought as well so that it can be cancelled. Applicants will have to get the documents as well that were used in the application form.

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Children who are below 16 years:

For children who are not yet 16 years old, the Immigration Department will forward a mail to the legal guardian or the consenting parent about the passport to be collected.  Moreover the younger applicants aged between 11 & 17 (16 & 17 if unmarried) will have to come down to the Immigration office along with the consenting parents or the legal guardian.

Collection of the passports when the application is submitted through the self – service kiosk or in person

When the passport application for Hong Kong (passport) is submitted using either the self – service kiosk or in person then you will most probably be given a receipt or the Collection Notice that very clearly states not only the office but also the date as to when the passport application is to be collected.

As far as the children who are under 16 years & whose passport application form was submitted in person or through the self – service kiosk then the consenting parent or the legal guardian has to come in person to collect the passport.


  1. Either the applicant themselves or an authorised person may collect the passport from the Immigration office.
  2. But to allow someone else to collect the passport instead of the applicant, you (applicant) have to fill the authorization form.
  3. And to download the authorization document click on the following link –
  4. Another thing is that the when you have applied for a replacement of the passport for various reasons, you will have to bring along the current or the earlier issued passport.
  5. The reason is that this passport will stand invalid once a new passport is issued.
  6. Besides this, the old passport has to be cancelled.
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