Steps to get a Belgian Passport in an Emergency

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Passport is an important travel document that we should have if at all there are any plans to cross the borders. And as far as the Belgian citizens are concerned, they can request for a Belgian passport from the municipality they reside in.

Even the Belgian citizens who stay abroad can apply for a Belgian passport at the Belgian consulate or a Belgian embassy. Hence, the Belgian authorities have made it a trouble – free task for the people to apply for a Belgian passport even in an emergency.

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Possible to get a Belgian passport in an emergency:

It is now possible to apply for a Belgian passport in an emergency only when the ground or the reason is justified. Hence, one may not by any chance apply for a Belgian passport in an emergency for unnecessary or some thoughtless reasons.

Eligibility to apply for a Belgian passport in an emergency:

  1. Basically the applicant has to be a citizen of Belgian
  2. Next proof of the cause, as in the reason has to be justified to get the passport issued in an emergency

List of documents required for getting a Belgian passport in an emergency:

  1. You will be firstly required to submit the completely filled application form
  2. Recent passport (if available)
  3. Proof of identity or the Belgium identification proof
  4. Colour photograph
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Process of applying a Belgian passport in an emergency:

  1. To get these urgent applications approved at the earliest, the FPSFA or the Foreign Public Service Foreign Affairs comes in to the picture
  2. There is a program that authorises the Foreign Public Service Foreign Affairs to issue the temporary passports on humanitarian grounds
  3. However, these temporary passports are valid for about 6 months only
  4. Therefore, when you are applying for a Belgian passport under the emergency circumstances, you will have to make sure that the documents submitted & the form filled are correct

Submit the Belgian passport application form:

  1. Applicants will be required to submit the application form at the passport office of the Foreign Public Service Foreign Affairs / FPSFA during the office hours
  2. In case of an emergency after office hours, you will be issued the temporary passports by the Foreign Public Service Foreign Affairs staff which is on duty
  3. + 32 2 501 81 11 = by calling this phone number, you can connect to the office staff at the Foreign Public Service Foreign Affairs
  4. The concerned officers will be able to guide you from there so that you get the passport at the earliest

Fee for a Belgian passport (emergency situation)

The fee for a Belgian passport that is issued in an emergency will vary as extra charges are added. And here we have clearly stated the fee for the same. Just have a look at it –

  1. For minors that is persons who are under 18 years of age, have to pay € 210 as the emergency passport fee
  2. While for the major or the people who are above 18 years of age are required to pay € 240 that is the emergency passport fee

Important points to remember:

It is advised that you should have all the required documents ready before applying for a passport in this condition. In addition to this, you will have to collect the passport in person.

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