Steps to Apply Zimbabwean Passport Online Application Form Download

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It is the duty of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Registrar Generals office as this department issues the passports to the citizens of Zimbabwe. It is a document that will allow nationals of Zimbabwe to cross the borders of the country. Thus, when you are looking forward to apply for a Zimbabwean passport, you will have to follow some rules & regulations laid down by the government.

Read this article on the Zimbabwean passport application form for adults & children & the application process to know more about the fee / documents required / passport application form / validity etc to know more about this passport.

Zimbabwe Passport

Steps to apply for a Zimbabwean passport:

  1. Get the passport application form from the passport office
  2. Or one can also download a Zimbabwean passport application form from the official website
  3. Next step would be to fill the application form according to the details asked
  4. Attach the documents to be submitted
  5. The documents that are to be submitted have been listed below
  6. Applicant must not forget to sign the passport application form along with the date
  7. And before you submit the application form, you will have to pay the passport charges or the passport fee
  8. Fee can be paid either in cash or through a postal order
  9. Finally submit the completed application form as well as the documents at the passport office


  1. Applicants will have to submit the form in – person only
  2. The reason is original certificates are verified only when the applicant is present
  3. Applicant should also give the finger prints
  4. If the applicant is below the age of 18 then their Mother / Father / a Legal Guardian has to sign the application form
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Documents required for a Zimbabwean passport:

  1. Zimbabwean birth certificate
  2. National identity card
  3. Zimbabwean citizenship proof
  4. Marriage certificate (this document is applicable only to a few citizens)
  5. 2 identical recent colour photographs
  6. Fee receipt

An applicant is required to submit not only the original but also the photo – copies of the documents listed above. These documents should be submitted along with the passport application form. And when the verification process is completed, the applicant will receive the original documents.

Zimbabwean passport fee:

  1. US $ 50 is the fee for an ordinary passport
  2. However, for an executive passport, fee is US $ 315
  3. And for an urgent passport, fee is US $ 250

Validity of a Zimbabwean passport:

A Zimbabwean passport is generally valid for 10 years that is from the time it is issued. However, the validity of the passport can come down if the passport is used up.

Download Zimbabwean passport application form:

  1. To download a Zimbabwean passport application form, you will have to click on the following link –
  2. For further information about the Zimbabwean passport click on – (OR)
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