Steps to Apply Slovakian Passport Online Form Download

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One can now apply for a Slovakian passport under the emergency passports category at the Police Force when in Slovakia or if abroad then at the Slovakian embassy. In this article, we have very clearly stated as to the method to be followed when applying for a Slovakian passport in an emergency. Keep reading this article to know more.

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Aplikácia slovenského pasu
Slovenský formulár na obnovenie pasu
Slovenský pasový formulár

Who is eligible to get a Slovakian passport in a very short time?

Essentially, the applicant has to be a citizen of Slovakia to get the passport issued in an emergency. In addition to this, the applicant has to be aged either 18 or more than that.

List of documents to be submitted:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Identification proof
  3. Marriage certificate, applicable only to a few people
  4. Fee receipt

Procedure to apply for a Slovakian passport:

  1. First of all you will have to go to the official website of the Slovakian passport issuing authority
  2. Next step would be to enter the place of residence as well as the e – mail id
  3. Once you have given your e – mail id you will receive an e – mail which will have the passport application form as an attachment
  4. You would be required to fill the form completely & one has to make certain of the fact that the details mentioned in the form by the applicant are correct
  5. In the next step you will have to upload the documents that are required by the authorities to have the passport issued in the emergency system
  6. When all the above steps are completed then you will have to submit the application form
  7. On successful submission of the passport application form, you would receive an e – mail
  8. The 2nd e – mail from the authorities will have an acknowledgement regarding the application form’s successful submission
  9. And when the passport application form has been successfully submitted, you will receive another e – mail
  10. This e – mail will be regarding the appointment
  11. Remember that you will receive an appointment e – mail only when the application has been verified
  12. Schedule the appointment online
  13. This appointment is to be scheduled in order to give the bio – metric details
  14. Signature / photograph & finger prints are the bio – metric details
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Slovakian passport application process:

As the passport is applied under the emergency situation, you will be getting it in 2 working days provided you have submitted all the documents & the form has been filled correctly.

However, you will have to take / submit the application form in – person at the Police Force or the embassy. You would also be required to collect the form in – person only at the Police Force or the embassy.

Official website links:

To get further information or to clear your doubts about the issuance of a Slovakian passport in an emergency, one may click on one of the following links – (OR) (OR)

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