Steps to Apply Macedonian Passport Online Application Form Download

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Citizens of the Republic of Macedonia are issued the Macedonian passport so that they can cross the borders & go to the other countries with little or no trouble at all. Generally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Republic of Macedonia takes care of issuing the passport. However, if you are in Macedonia then it is the duty of the Ministry of Interior to issue a passport.

And if you are away in another country then you can get a Macedonian passport from the Macedonian embassy. Read this article, to know how to apply for a Macedonian passport & the other things related to this passport.

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Македонски пасош се пријавува онлајн   Обнови македонскиот пасош онлајн

Process to get a Macedonian passport:

  1. Collect the passport application form from the passport office
  2. One can also download the form from the official passport website
  3. Next step is to fill the application form correctly
  4. Attach the documents that have to be submitted when applying for a passport
  5. Applicants will have to themselves go & submit the application form at the passport office
  6. They should not forget to pay the processing fee which is also known as the passport fee
  7. The fee can be paid either in cash or a debit/credit card
  8. The time a passport application form has been successfully submitted, you will get the passport application number on an acknowledgement
  9. Applicants can make use of this passport application number to schedule an appointment
  10. This appointment is to be scheduled in order to give details namely fingerprint/signature/photograph
  11. These details are known as the biometric details & these have to be given if you wish to get a passport
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Documents required for an adult Macedonian passport:

  1. Identity proof
  2. Marriage certificate
  3. Fee receipt

Documents required for a child Macedonian passport:

  1. Identity card
  2. Fee receipt
  3. Parental consent
  4. Identification documents of the parents
  5. Marriage certificate of the parents

Fee for a Macedonian passport:

  1. 1500 MKD is the processing fee
  2. Whereas 50 MKD is the administrative stamp
  3. The administrative tax receipt is as follows 50 MKD for 4 years or under that age / 250 MKD is the fee for applicants aged between 4 & 27 / 500 MKD for 27 or more than 27 years old

Macedonian passport’s validity:

  1. Passport is valid for 10 years if the applicants are 27 years old or more than that
  2. For under the age of 27 years applicants, 5 years is the validity of the passport
  3. Till the applicants turn 4, their passport is valid for 2 years

Processing time for a Macedonian passport application:

It takes about 20 business days to have the passport issued.

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Download Macedonian passport application form:

  1. To download the passport application form for a Macedonian passport, click on –
  2. And if you wish to get some more information on the said passport, just click on –

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