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Passport is something that you should have if you wish to travel across the world. It is sometimes termed to be a ticket to your dreams. But if you are in that percentage where you do not know as to what is the procedure to get a passport or any other details of the passport then this article on Passport will help you.

We have listed out not only the procedure but also the fees and the documents required for a passport very clearly in the articles on this website. Read on to know more.

Passport, what is it?

Well a passport is a travel document that allows one to travel abroad but only when the visa of that particular country is attached to it. This document also serves as an identity / citizenship. In almost all the countries, passport also serves as an identity card as this document states the details of the passport holders’.

Importance of Passport to Indians

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As per the Passport Act, 1967, Government of India is authorised to issue Passports to the citizens of India if they wish to travel abroad.

Facts of the Indian Passport

1920 is the year when for the 1st time a Passport was issued. However, Passports that are now issued are the 1986 version. Recently, the Indian government also started the biometric version or the e – Passport but this is generally issued only to the diplomatic Passport holders.

What is the Information in an Indian Passport?

A Passport as we know is an important document and on the opening page of the Passport you will be able to find the following information –

Type of the Passport Country code Passport number
Surname Given name (s) Nationality
Gender Date & place of birth Place of issue
Date of issue Expiry date of the Passport Photo of the Passport holder
Signature of the Passport holder Machine readable Passport zone

Information on the last page of the Passport will have the following stuff –

Name of either father or legal guardian Name of the mother Name of the spouse if it is applicable
Complete Address If you have got a passport then that number will be added here as well File number

Validity of Indian Passport

An Indian Passport is valid for 10 years from the time it has been issued.

Things to know about the Indian Passport

There was a recent statement released by the concerned authorities stating that the Indian Passport will from on be valid for only 10 years rather than the earlier version of 20 years. In addition to this, the Passport which have already been issued by the Government of India with an expiry date of either 20 years or more than that will not be valid.

Besides this, the Indian Passports which were issued a few years ago were handwritten and such Passports stand to be invalid from now on. This statement has been introduced in order to help the people. The Indian Passport that will be given to the people from now on would be printed with the help of inkjet printers; which will further help in not letting the words smudge over time.

The text on the Indian Passports is going to be in the official languages of India that is Hindi as well as English. Hence, the next time you see a Passport, you will know what exactly the use of an Indian Passport is among other things.

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