Steps to apply a Hong Kong Passport with Application Form

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You can apply for a Hong Kong passport in a number of ways & in this article we will get to see as to the process of the application. Keep scrolling the page to know more.

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Method 1 – When applied for a Hong Kong passport in person:

Only in few cases can someone apply for a Hong Kong passport & these cases have been specified below –

  1. Previous HKSAR passport is either defaced or damaged
  2. Some changes are to be made in the passport
  3. Either the passport has been lost or is unavailable

Book an appointment for the passport:

  1. You can book an appointment online by clicking on this link –
  2. One may also contact this number to book an appointment – 2598 0888
  3. If you are not able to use any of the 2 options then you can directly go to the passport office & undergo the process of submitting the passport application form
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Method 2 – Apply for a Hong Kong passport through the self – service kiosk:

  1. An applicant who is either aged 18 or more than that may submit the Hong Kong passport application form at the self – service kiosk
  2. These kiosks can be found at the Immigration offices especially the ones that deal with the travel document (applications)
  3. On the other hand if the applicant is aged between 11 & 17 & has been born in Hong Kong then the said applicant may also apply for a HKSAR passport at the self – service kiosk which is at the Travel documents & nationality (application) section of the Immigration headquarters


Use of these self – service kiosks stand invalid when you wish to get your passport replaced in cases when the passport is lost or defaced or damaged or cannot be made available or for those applications that require some changes in the passport. If you fall in any of the above categories then you will be required to go in person & apply for a Hong Kong passport at the counter.

Method 3 – Apply for a Hong Kong passport with the drop – in facility:

Again in the drop – in facility, applicants will never be allowed to apply for the replacement of their earlier issued passport & the cases which come under this category are lost or defaced or damaged or amendments required in the personal particulars or when the passport is not available.

However, in other cases, applicants may put their applications in the drop – in boxes but only during the office hours. These drop – in boxes will be available for use at any of the Immigration offices which are in – charge of the travel document applications.

Method 4 – Apply for a Hong Kong passport by post:

Now people will be able to apply for a Hong Kong passport by post that too in a very trouble free manner. All you will have to do is send your completely filled applications to the address mentioned below –

Address –

Travel Documents and Nationality (Application) Section

Immigration Department, 4/F, Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Method 5 – Apply for a Hong Kong passport online:

Some rules remain unchanged even in the online application of a Hong Kong passport. One of the rule is that an individual cannot – by any chance apply for a replacement of the Hong Kong passport online; now let that be amendment of the personal particulars or get a replacement of the lost or damaged or defaced passport.

However, the rules through which you will be eligible for the online passport application are as follows –

  1. Age of the applicant should be 11 years or above that
  2. Applicant has to be a holder of a Hong Kong PIC or the permanent identity card which is valid
  3. Applicant has to collect the new passport from the Immigration office selected by them
  4. Most importantly children who are between 11 & 15 besides the people aged between 16 & 17 should come along with their consenting parent or the legal guardian when collecting the passport of the child

Click on the below-mentioned links to be directed to the official website from which you can fill the form –

  1. Online application for HKSAR passport when submitted in Hong Kong –
  2. Online application for the HKSAR passport when submitted outside Hong Kong –
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