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Any person can now instantly check the status of their passport application online and in real time.  You can do this through several means; below are the most common:

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Overseas Citizen of India Cardholder – OCI Services

If you are an Overseas Citizen of India Cardholder, and you have applied for your passport through an Indian Mission, you may use Online OCI Services to check on the status of your application. Just log onto and fill out the details required. Requirements:

  • Passport Number
  • Online Registration No (optional if you have already entered File acknowledgement number)
  • File (Acknowledgement) No (optional if you enter Online registration number)
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You will be required to answer a question, after which you can click on the “Get Status” button.  If the question does not load automatically, click on the green icon to generate a new one.

Below is a screen shot of OCI Status Enquiry.

Indian Passport Status Check- Image 1

Passport Seva – Passport India

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All the other websites get their search information from Passport Seva Kendra. Using the agency’s website is a faster and more efficient way to obtain such information.  The site is user friendly and so it shouldn’t be hard to find your way around. Basically, this is how to go about the passport status check procedure:

  1. Click to get to the PSK home page. On the top left corner, identify and click the icon titled “track application status”. You do not need to register to the site to use this feature; however, it we recommend that you do so in order to access more services.

Indian Passport Status Check- image 3

2.When you click on the icon, below is the next page that you should see:

On the “select application type” drop list, choose Passport/PCC/ICC unless otherwise you are looking for a specific category. Use the calendar application in the “Date of birth” section to enter date in the appropriate format, then click “track status”. If you get an error message, it means that either the website or your connection is down, or that you have entered wrong information, or there was an error in the application process. If you believe the latter is the reason for the error, contact PSK on 1800-258-1800.

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Apart from doing Indian passport status check online, you can also use your mobile SMS. Your network provider may levy a service fee for this. Read more to learn how to go about this.

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