Passport FAQs

What are the different kinds of passport services available?

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There are three main passport services available:

  1. New Passport Issuance – this passport service involves issuing new passports to applicants who are seeking one for the first time.
  2. Passport re-issuance –this passport service involves re-issuing a new passport when you previously had another one for the reasons below:
  • losing one’s passport.
  • exhausting the pages on the passport.
  • having the passport damaged.
  • expiry of the validity period.
  • the need to change personal information on the passport.
  1. Others – there are other passport services offered such as issuing a PCC – Police Clearance Certificate.
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What are the different kinds of passports in India?

There are three different kinds of passports in India. They include the following:

  1. Diplomatic Passport – this is a kind of passport that is issued specifically to national government officials, officers in the statutory authorities, members of the diplomatic corp, judiciary officers or any other individual with specific authority from the government. The diplomatic passport bears a maroon cover.
  2. Official Passport –this is a kind of a passport issued to government servants who are not gazetted or any other person under the authority of the government who has been sent abroad to conduct business on behalf of the government. An official passport’s cover is grey in colour.
  3. Ordinary Passport –this is the passport issued to ordinary citizens of India which they can use for normal travel in and out of the country. It has a validity period of ten years after which it can be renewed. An ordinary passport usually possesses either 36 pages or 60 pages. The cover of an ordinary passport is blue in colour.

Who is defined as a minor with regards to the issuance of passports?

Anyone below 18 years.

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If you have a 4-week old baby will the baby be required to get their own passport or one of the parents can endorse the baby on their passports?

Unlike in the past a child’s name can no longer be endorsed in a parent’s passport. This is due to new regulations which require that such a child get their own passport separately.

Must the consent of a father who is abroad be obtained in order to get a passport for a minor?

A photocopy of a passport belonging to the parent, if they hold a valid passport, needs to be attached alongside the child’s application form for a passport. An endorsement of the spouse’s name needs to be done on the passport of the parent. If there’s no endorsement of the spouse’s name on the parent’s valid passport, it will be necessary to add on the passport their spouse’s name. This will necessitate an application for re-issuance of a passport so that the changes in personal details are effected.

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Should both parents possess a passport prior to making an application for a passport for their child?

Prior to making an application for a passport for their child, both parents don’t need to possess a passport. But if one parent has a valid passport and the spouse’s name is endorsed on it, the child won’t have to undergo a verification exercise by the police.

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  1. My Son Pushpendra Sinha is studying MBBS in Bangladesh in Bangladesh Medical Collage.He is in India now on leave and need renewal of his passport which is expiring on 18.11.2016.He will go back to Bangladesh for his classes from July-16 end.
    I want to know if he can travel having passport valid for 3.5 month to Bangladesh and get renew his passport from Indian Embassy in Dhaka,Bangladesh or he needs to renew his passport here in India before leaving to Bangladesh.
    Please suggest and send your reply urgently.

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