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Are You Eligible for Non ECR Category 

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When one is applying for a fresh passport online. You will be asked by PSK for your Emigration Check Required [ECR] or for Non ECR classification. This is done since the information acquired is useful in protecting the interest of the susceptible group of persons in the society. These cluster of people include mostly children and illiterate folks of the country. This prevents and shields them from being exploited when taken out of the county. The office department for emigrants protection of external Indian matters has put in place certain group of peoples [citizens] in the ECR cluster group.

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Most residents of India who are in the waged age group or are literate enough to qualify educationally will certainly fall under the group of non-emigration check required during the application of the passport online.

For the citizens who grouped as ECR will require to acquire the right clearance from the office that protects emigrants before he or she is allowed to leave the country especially for employment commitments. If you are in under the ECR group, your status will appear on your travel document. However those that appear on the Non-ECR, their status are not stated on their passports.

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Below are some of the qualifications needed for one to appear on the Non-ECR cluster of people

  1. All the qualified degree holders, their dependent children and spouses for examples doctors, engineers, accountants, teachers etc.
  2. All the payers on income tax as individuals, their dependent children and spouses
  3. All citizens who 50 and above in age
  4. Persons having diplomas of two years from any well-known and recognized institution by either SCVT or NCVT
  5. Any nurse who is well qualified according to nursing council of India act,1947
  6. Any person who has in his or her possession a visa for permanent Immigration, permanent residence card or a green card.
  7. All person who has diplomatic or an official position.

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