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India is a place different from others & so are the rules in India. But all the rules & regulations will have 1 thing in common & that is – the basis of such rules & regulations were / are / will be the same.

Leaving everything apart, we would today be focussing on the passports which the Government of India issues to the people. Essentially, passport is a document that is given to an individual or a citizen of a state as an identity document.

This document serves as not an identity but also as a proof that you are an Indian citizen. The passports that are issued by the Indian government to the citizens of India will depend to a great extend as to who will it be issued to & what will be the purpose of this issued passport.

In this article, let us look at the differences among the various passports that the Government of India along with the Ministry of External Affairs issues to the Indian citizens. You will have to only remember the fact that a passport is the key that will help you when you wish to travel abroad apart from it being a document that not only serves as an identity proof but also as a proof of address.

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What are the types of passports in India issued by the Indian government?

As per the rules & regulations, there are basically, 3 types of passports which are issued by the authorities in India to the Indian citizens. You can keep scrolling the page to check in detail the types of passports that the Government of India issues to the people.

Types of passports issued by the authorities of the Republic of India

Regular passport

As the name itself says, regular passports are for the commoners or for ordinary travel. Moreover, a regular passport is a Type P passport where the letter P stands for Personal. These passports are encased in a cover which has shades of either black or blue.

When we say that this passport is for the ordinary travel, it means that citizens who wish to go on a vacation or a business trip or to study abroad, then people will get a regular passport. Basically, a regular passport is of 2 types as in – one regular passport will have 36 pages; while the people who travel frequently can opt for the 60 pages regular passport.

Diplomatic passport

Another type of passport is the Diplomatic passport. This type of passport is a real important passport; it is so because a diplomatic passport is only issued to the higher officials, the higher government officials or the diplomatic couriers or the Indian diplomats.

Hence the word came in as a Diplomatic passport. Furthermore, this passport is from the segment – Type D wherein D is for the word Diplomatic. A diplomatic passport is in maroon cover.

Official passport

Finally, we have is an official passport and as the word itself tells us, the official passport is only for the official purpose. As it is an official passport, such a passport will have a white cover. An official passport comes under the category of a Type S passport. And the letter ‘S’ is the short form for service.

A type S passport or an official passport is only issued to the officers or those people who are or will be going to represent the Indian government on some official business.

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