Indian Passport Application Process

Registration for ordinary Indian passports can be done either online or offline. In the case of tatkal passports however, the applicant must go through the online process.

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What you need

For both online and offline registration, the documental requirements are almost the same for persons in the same category.

Requirements may however vary from one individual to the other depending on many factors. For instance, separate documents will be demanded from those applying for a diplomatic or normal passport.  Other variations may come in depending on applicant’s age, if they are gazetted government employees or the dependents of these employees, their educational and professional level, the number of years they have legally spent outside the country, and the country of destination among other factors.

The documents that you present will act as proof of address, identity and birth. If you are applying for a passport for the first time and you are wondering which documents will be required of you, just click and put the black dot on the “holes” beside the descriptions that best fit yours in the resulting page. Click “continue” and follow the instructions in the next age to view your options.

Indian Passport Application Process- image 1

The Indian passport application process through the online channel is very convenient and less vulnerable to errors. To use it, you need to go to the PSK homepage, create a user account, log into it and follow the instructions. Here is the direct

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To acquire a username, click “register now”. Do not register afresh if you had done so before. If you lost the account details, just click login and you will find other options for account recovery.

Indian Passport Application Process- image 2

To get a step by step guidance on how to proceed the application, go back to the homepage and click on the “Quick guides” located under the middle section labeled “Before you apply”. It will take you to this:

Indian Passport Application Process- image 3

Go to “apply for passport” and follow the instructions in the slide.  For an even easier approach, you can open the page in one tab and log on to your user account in a different tab, and observe each instruction as you implement it.

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Offline application

To get your passport offline, find and fill out an application form. The form is available at a cost of Rs. 10 at the District Passport Cell (DPC). You can however download one free of charge from this link  All the instructions regarding the details you should provide and documents you should attach are within the subsections in the form.

When filling, keep a check list of all the required documents to give you an easy time when collecting the necessities. You might also need to attach a supplementary form for certain specific details.

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For online applications, advance payments are necessary before you can get an appointment to your preferred PSK office. For offline application, you will be required to take a bank demand draft with you when submitting the documents at a collection point. Unless it is a serious emergency, only online applicants can receive services at PSK offices on the date of appointment.

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