How to Get a Passport of a Child of Age 18 Years

How to Get a Passport of a Child of Age 18 Years

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Every person in India requires their own passport for travelling and identification including children. Parent’s passport cannot substitute for the children’s name permanently. Passports of children below the age of eighteen years can only be valid for five years from the day of issue. If your children are aged seventeen years and less than eighteen years it is important they are issued with their passport. This passport will be last for five years and has a nominal fee.

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Procedure for application of Children’s Passport

  • Collect all the documents required for application
  • Submit all the required documents and application form in person and if not send them to BSL International through mail.

Application in person

Ensure that all documents of originals along with photocopies are enclosed together with the application. The Consular officers check the original documents. During application the center submits the original application print out with all the other documents for application.

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When the child goes to the application counter it is important that both parents accompany him or her. If any of the parents couldn’t make it then an authority letter should be submitted from the parent who could not make it to attend. They should also state they have given authority to the parent who accompanied the child.

Application by mail

The application form should be sent by mail and it is important to attach a photocopy of all documents supporting the application.  This is made possible by tracking mail, private courier or express mail.  In case the documents get lost by mail, the consular services cannot be held responsible. When sending original documents it is not necessary to notarize the documents

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Required documents

  • Application form that is notarized
  • The two initial photocopies of passports and the last two of both parents are required and they should be notarized.
  • Submit valid visa photocopies of both parents with notarization
  • In cases where a parent has passed on then the death certificate should be presented.
  • In case the parent of the child divorced it is necessary to present the divorce and custodianship order that was given by the court.
  • The parents should take a no objection certificate with notarization
  • The applicant state ID should be submitted alternatively parents present proof of residence
  • If the applicant child was born in U.S then there is need to present date of birth with the Indian consulate.
  • If the passport of the parents has the name of the child they are required to present a photocopy of the page that has the name of the child. It is also a requirement that photocopies of the last two and first five pages in the parents’ passport be submitted enclosed with the original passport of the parent.
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Fees payment

Charges of processing vary based on the procedure of application and the company. One should pay for the application charges and extra taxes based on the service they can use.

The methods of payment are either by cash or bank’s draft.

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