How To Fill Passport Application

How To Fill Passport Application

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The process of filling out the form application form it’s quite easy. It is vital for you to know that you are required to use capital letter when filling in the form giving out the needed information. There are a number of rules one should be careful on. This article is going to explain to you the rules that are applicable here and obligatory information required in the application.

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  1. Cautiously fill in the form and avoid making mistakes
  2. One should not write on the boundaries of the given boxes. Therefore, write clearly and make sure that the words fit in the box
  3. Only use a blue or black pen in filling. Pencils and other coloured pens are not to be used
  4. Always write short and precise requested information.
  5. When filling in boxes, you should always skip one box after you have completed each word
  6. You should avoid the overwriting of information. The details should be short an on point.
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An applicant should always have the required original documents and also attach copies of self-attested papers. These include;

  • The uneducated using a thumb print as signature
  • A person should avail a PP form [two copies] if he or she has stayed for over one year.
  • On the application form, one should glue a photograph and also a signature or a thumb impression so as to give details for fee payment
  • The passport application form requires 3 recent coloured passport photos. One of the photo copies is pasted on the form and the other two copies are to be placed on PP form.
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There are various steps one should follow during the application, and they include;

  • The names should a maximum of 75 characters. This should be accompanied by identity proof document. If you have no surname just simply leave the box blank. You should avoid using initials while giving out the name.
  • After that you are to state if either you are a male or a female. This is an option that is mandatory for you to fill in the space provided
  • You are also to give out your date of birth in this order [date/month/year]. This should be the same as stated in your birth certificate. Therefore, a DOB proof should be attached.
  • In the place and country box. You are to either mention your village, state or district you were born in followed by the country.
  • One should also provide the names of father, mother and spouse. If you do not have a spouse just state not applicable.

Give out all the necessary documents plus even the contact number. This is important in that one is able to receive text message from Seva Kendra passport.

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In cases where a student would like to apply for a passport from their places of study. He or she should have an address prove and a certificate which is bonafide from a dean, principal, register or director of an educational institution is obligatory. All the above steps are simple; a person will only take some minutes and be done with it.

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