How To Change Surname In Passport

How To Change Surname In Passport

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 One may require to change his or her surname for various reasons such after marriage where you can decide to take the name of your spouse. Also after divorce when you would want to get rid of that name. This article will outline and explain the required procedure for one to take when undertaking that process.

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Step One

This involves one getting an application form. It is obtained from passport seva Kendra or you can easily download it from the internet through their servers. For you to save on time when visiting their offices, it’s advisable to fill in the form before your appointment.

Step Two

Once you have through with the registration process and want to officially visit the passport offices. There are several obligatory documents an applicant must have. These include original passport with photocopies of self-proved initiatives. First and the last two pages of passport booklet.

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Where a  woman is applying for the change after marriage, you are required to have;

  • A photocopy of the husbands passport
  • A certificate of a marriage issued by the municipality.

Where a woman is applying for the change due to divorce, she is required to have;

  • A certified original copy of the divorce decree
  • Deed poll or a sworn affidavit that is original
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Where a remarried person would like to prompt for change, they are required to have;

  • Either a divorce certificate or a death certificate of the first marriage
  • Documents proving the second marriage.

Where you would like to change your name; you are required to have;

  • A deed poll or a sworn affidavit
  • Any advertisements in association with your name alteration. Either the newspaper clippings or the news paper itself. The application can only be accepted after 30 days of appearance.

Step Three

Schedule an appointment with the passport office before visiting. This can either be done online or by making a call to the offices nearby. Before the visit you should be informed on the date and time it will take place. The details of the appointment are to be emailed to you. You can also simply decide to do the application plus the supporting documents submission online. Just go to the Seva passport Kendra.

Step Four

To the issued appointment, one is strongly advised to be on time. It is important to note that applicants who submit the needed documents online do not require a token number. This is because they are not required to stand in line for hours waiting for their turn to be serviced.

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Step Five

A person can submit the application personally or may decide to use your representative. The person standing in for you should have a letter of authority and a document of identity proof which has the applicants signature.

Step Six

An applicant is advised to closely monitor the status progress on the passport change. The fee charged during the process might sometimes vary from on person to next depending on the case. After the change process has been completed a person is to pick the passport.

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