Tatkal Passport Apply Online

Other than extremely demanding cases where emergency certificates are issued to people travelling abroad, anybody wishing to get a passport quickly must only apply through the Tatkal scheme. Under normal circumstances, it only takes 3 days to one week from the time of application to get the document. Some people however may have their issuance extended to 30 days or more if conflicts arise in the information that they provide.

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Who is eligible for tatkal passport?

Every Indian citizen qualifies for tatkal passport issuance except under the following circumstances:

  1. If the person has been imprisoned for two years or more within the last five years leading to the date of application.

2. If the individual had been deported back to India before and has not reimbursed the government the deportation costs.

  • If there is any court order barring the individual from leaving the country. This might include injunctions for loan defaulters.
  1. If by travelling abroad, the person can pose a security threat to India or might damage relations between India and other countries.

Things you need for tatkal application

For a simplified approach, the required items for tatkal passport can be put into five major classes. We will name these as A, B, C, D and E.

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Class A

Under this category, you can present either

  1. A verification certificate, also called Annexure F.

The certificate signed by an authorized individual. (The document states that the signer knows that you are of good character. You can download the blank verification form here; once you log onto the page, move your cursor and click on “annexure F” link. The form comes with the list of persons allowed to endorse you.)


2. Submit one photo identification document alongside any other two identification documents recognized by the agency. Check the picture below for a list of the acceptable identification documents:


How To Apply For Tatkal Passport- image 1

Class B

Annexure I filled by a notary (a judge or attorney). You can download a blank one from http://passportindia.gov.in and forward it to the appropriate person for a fill out.

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Class C

A passport application form. Acquire this one form a district passport Cell (DPC) at Rs. 10, or download it from http://passportindia.gov.in without charges and print it back to back.


If you like, you might also use the online portal for tatkal passport application. In that case, you will download an e form, fill it at your time of choice (even if you go offline) and submit the xml format when you log back to the portal. To sign up, go to http://passportindia.gov.in, signup and then log in.

How To Apply For Tatkal Passport-Image 2

Class D

Supporting documents: the stipulated in the application form and may include a Supplementary application Form.

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Class E

Evidence of bank payment and Tatkal fees in cash: For online applicants, take a printout of the appointment receipt that was generated once you completed online payment, plus additional cash for Tatkal service.  Offline applicants will need to present a Demand Draft for passport charges as well as cash in hand for the tatkal service.

When all is done, wait for your passport. You can also start tracking your passport status online immediately afterwards by clicking http://passportindia.gov.in

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