How To Add Spouse Name In Passport

How To Add Spouse Name In Passport

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Adding spouse name in passport is quite a lengthy process and will take more than one day. One has to apply for the reissuing of a passport using the necessary documents. The process can either be done online or through the passport offices. There are various reasons that can prompt one to add name on the passport such are marriage. During application process, there are several steps that one has to undergo.

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In addition to that, there are needed documents that the applicant is required to submit. This article discusses the process and the documents needed for one to add a name on his or her passport.

Download of the application form is done through passport website. You are required to fill it in properly and submit the request either online or in person to their offices. With the application form, there are several documents needed to accompany it. Below the needed papers are listed;

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  • The first original passport accompanied by photocopies of the first two and also last two pages. The copies should have your signature on them, the ECR page and the extension validity page.
  • When you have an address that is different, you will need a document for address proof of your current location
  • Original marriage certificate allotted at the registration of marriage office.
  • Passport photos[4]
  • A joint statement that has been written by wife and husband accompanied by a joint paragraph.

One can submit these documents to the international BLS. There are a number of ways a person can choose to succumb the documents.

In person

At the issued time of your appointment. You are to take all needed documents. The original papers, the duplicate copies and application form. This is done so as to ensure the documents are valid and not faked. One person can represent another during submission. For example, a family member submits for an applicant. This is allowed as long as the person avails prove of relation document.

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Through email

This can be done at any time, there is no needed appointment. The submission requires the obligatory application form and documents to be in soft copies. This method is much easier and saves a lot of time.

For the process to be carried out. There is a requirement of fees payment that a person is required to meet. This can be done through money order, bankers check or demand draft. The documents process time will greatly depend on the persons area of location during the application submission. For example;

  • A person in Washington dc the processing tome will be 1 to `3` weeks
  • A person in the city of New York, processing will take 2 to 3 weeks
  • Atlanta it takes 6 to 8 weeks
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It is important to note that the charge for spousal name addition may vary depending on the type of passport booklet you have acquired. Just simply follow the process and have your added name appear on the passport. If any problems arise just communicate to the officers at the passport office.

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