Hong Kong Passport Fees, Eligibility, Required Photos & Processing Time

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Passport is a very important document that we should have. Hence, if you still do not have a Hong Kong passport then this is the best time you get to know as to what will be the Hong Kong passport fees / eligibility criteria / photographs / processing time. Read this article to know more about the Hong Kong passport.

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Hong Kong Passport Fees:

  1. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Passport –
  2. For persons who are 16 years or above & applied for a passport with a validity for 10 years : 32 pages – HK$370 & 48 pages – HK$460
  3. Children who are not 16 years – 32 pages – HK$185 / 48 pages – HK$230 passport’s validity is 5 years
  4. Modification of the HKSAR passport, fee is HK$84
  5. Multiple HKSAR re – entry permit with full or restricted validity, fee is HK$140
  6. HKSAR re – entry permit that is valid for a visit, fee is HK$46
  7. HKSAR identity document & which is valid for 7 years; 44 – page, fee is HK$285
  8. HKSAR 92 pages identity document valid for 7 years, fee is HK$370
  9. Entry permit valid for only 1 entry, fee is HK$190
  10. Multiple entries entry permit which is valid for 1 year, HK$390 is the fee
  11. Multiple entries entry permit & that is valid for 3 years, HK$780 is the fee
  12. For Seaman’s identity book either full / restricted validity, fee is HK$260
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What is the eligibility for a Hong Kong passport?

One is eligible to apply for HKSAR only if the applicant is a Chinese citizen or a holder of Hong Kong Permanent Identity card or a permanent resident of HKSAR.

Hong Kong passport’s photo requirements:

Recent colour photograph has to be submitted along with the passport application.

However, if the application is for a child passport then another colour photograph is required. This would be valid only if there is not a Hong Kong permanent identity card of the child.

What is the processing time of a Hong Kong passport?

Usually it takes about 10 working days (that is Monday to Friday are the working days & the list excludes general holidays) for the passport to be issued only when all the required documents have been attached with the passport application form.

The reason for such a short duration is that the Immigration Department aims at issuing the documents at the earliest & without any unnecessary nuisance. As far as the child’s passport application is concerned then it takes about 14 working days. This is the time taken for those applications / applicants who are not less than 11 years & who do not hold a Hong Kong permanent identity card.

For the drop – in – box applications, another 2 or 3 days can be added whereas for the passport which have either been lost or damaged or if you have applied for some changes, it may take a little longer.

There is another option for those applicants who are looking for ways to get the passport early. As such applicants may approach the authorities in – charge at the immigration office & request them to get the travel document issued at the earliest. But for this, some evidence has to be produced.

Applicants will have to collect the document from the following address – Travel Documents (Issue) Section at 4 / F, Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Most importantly, if the applicant is going on a leisure trip then they cannot apply for a passport in the above stated manner (passport issued in a very short duration).

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