Greek Passport Renewal Process with Application Form

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Getting your passport is an important thing. And in this article, this is what we have dealt with. Learn how to renew your Greek passport while in Greece or any other country. You will also get to know the documents required / fee/eligibility criteria among other things. Read on to know more on the Greek passport.

Now with the technological advancements, you can also renew your Greek passport in a short while. All you will have to do is head to the passport office to renew your Greek passport when you are in Greek. However, if you are not in Greek & are in some other country then you would be required to approach a Greek embassy or a consulate to have your passport renewed.

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Ελληνικό Διαβατήριο Διαδικτυακό
Ελληνική διαδικτυακή ανανέωση διαβατηρίου
Ελληνικό διαβατήριο έκτακτης ανάγκης

Who can renew a Greek passport?

Only a citizen of Greek can renew their Greek passport. Apart from this, you will have to have a recently issued or a current passport.

List of documents required to get a Greek passport renewed:

  1. A colour photograph, that too recent one
  2. Current or the recently issued passport
  3. Fee receipt
  4. And of course, a completed passport application form
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Steps to be followed to renew Greek passport:

  1. To renew a passport, you must head to the passport office
  2. At the passport office, collect the application form or the Statement of Truth
  3. Fill the application form with the correct details
  4. Enclose the documents that have been listed in this article as well
  5. Do not forget to attach a colour photograph
  6. Next step would be to submit this completed form along with the documents at the passport office in – person only
  7. Once the above steps are completed, you will have to pay the fee in cash
  8. Or one may also use credit or a debit card
  9. When the passport application form has been successfully submitted, the applicant will receive the acknowledgement
  10. You can find the passport application number on the acknowledgement receipt
  11. It is advised to all that they keep this application number carefully for future use
  12. By using this passport application number, you can also track your passport

Greek passport application processing time:

It would take about 10 working days to get a Greek passport renewed. But as an applicant, you will have to make sure that all the documents have been submitted & the form is filled correctly.

Validity of a Greek passport:

Basically, a Greek adult passport is valid for about 5 years. However, till the applicant turns 14, the said applicant’s passport will be valid for only 2 years; that is from the time their passport has been issued.

What is the fee to get a Greek passport renewed?

For an adult passport, you would be required to pay € 84. 40 while on the other hand, for a child’s Greek passport, the fee is € 73. 60.

For further clarification or information, click on the following link –

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