German Passport Renewal Process with Application Form

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As most of us know as well as very well understand the fact that a German passport serves as not only a passport but also a proof & identity / nationality, it becomes even more mandatory for us (German citizens) to get hold of a German passport at the earliest.

However, if you do not have a German passport then you can go ahead & apply for it either in Germany only or when you are in some other states. Keep scrolling the page to know more about the procedure to apply for a German passport in a very simple manner.

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Where should I apply for a German passport?

  1. If you wish to apply for a German passport, then you can to the local municipal registration office
  2. This will be applicable only when you are in Germany
  3. However, if you are not in Germany then you will have to approach either a German consulate or an embassy to renew your German passport

Eligibility to renew a German passport:

  1. If you would like to renew a German passport, you must hold a German passport (current or the recently issued one)
  2. In addition to this, you should be a German citizen
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List of documents to be submitted when renewing a German passport:

  1. Completed German passport application form is to be submitted
  2. Already issued German passport
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Marriage certificate (especially when the surname has been changed)
  5. 2 identical photographs
  6. Proof of identification

Steps to renew a German passport:

  1. Applicants who wish to renew their passports will have to go to the local municipal registration office
  2. And do not forget that you will have to get your German passport renewed in – person only
  3. Complete the German passport application form & fill the correct details in the fields marked for them
  4. Once you have filled the application form, enclose the documents that are to be submitted
  5. Next submit the form as well as the documents at the local municipal office selected by you
  6. Applicants will have to pay the specified fee either in cash or using their credit or debit card
  7. Once you have submitted the form, collect the acknowledgement
  8. Schedule a confirmed appointment with the help of the passport application number mentioned on the acknowledgement slip
  9. On the scheduled appointment date, applicants will have to provide their bio – metric details to the officers in – charge
  10. These details include finger print / signature / photograph

What is the German passport fee?

  1. If a German passport is issued to a 24 year old (or older than that) then the fee is € 59 as the passport will be given to the applicant in a month & this passport has 32 pages
  2. For people who are under 24 years, passport fee is € 37 .50
  3. Is you have applied for a 48 pages German passport, premium (fee) is € 22
  4. € 32 is the fee if passport would be delivered using the express service

Processing time of a German passport:

Generally it will take about 4 to 6 weeks to get a German passport issued only when all the documents have been provided. And if you require a passport in 4 days, opt for the express service.

For more information or further clarification, click on the following link – XYZ

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