French Passport Apply Process & Application Form

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French passport is a passport that is issued by the French authorities to the citizens of France. This passport only serves as an identity document & nothing else. Moreover, every citizen of France tends to be a European Union citizen as well.

In this article, we will be reading about the process of applying for a French passport besides the documents required & the eligibility criteria/ fee/processing time. Keep scrolling this page to know more.

Passeport français

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Eligibility for a French passport:

  1. French passport will be issued to only those people who are citizens of France
  2. Another point is that the applicants have to follow the set of rules laid down by the French government

List of documents required for a French passport:

  1. First things first, you will have to fill the passport application form
  2. Attach either a birth certificate or a secure national identity card
  3. A recent color photograph has to be attached, only 1 photo
  4. Marriage certificate (especially for the people who have got their surname changed post marriage)
  5. Receipt of the fees
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For child passport the following documents are to be attached as well:

  1. Parental consent
  2. National identity card of the parents
  3. Marriage certificate of the parents

Procedure to apply for a French passport:

  1. Individuals will have to first go to the French passport issuing website
  2. Then you would be required to download the passport application form
  3. Complete the application form & remember to provide only the correct details
  4. Attach the documents that are required to be submitted when applying for a French passport
  5. Pay the passport fee either in cash or transfer it online or through a debit or a credit card
  6. Applicants should then lodge the filled forms
  7. Submit the form as well the documents in – person at the office
  8. Once the passport application form has been successfully submitted, you will receive an acknowledgment
  9. Keep it in mind that the acknowledgment will have passport application number
  10. With the help of the passport application number, one can easily go ahead & make an appointment
  11. And with the new system in place, applicants may book their appointment online
  12. You will then have to provide the biometric data
  13. This data will consist of the photo/ signature/fingerprints

Processing time:

It would generally take about 2 to 3 weeks to get the passport issued. It will only happen when the documents have been submitted as per the rules laid down by the issuing authorities.

Download application form:

  1. You can apply for the French passport online by downloading the form from the link given below, click on the link to get the passport application form –
  2. And if you wish to apply for a passport online then click on the following link –

Fee for the French passport:

The fee for a French passport has been given below & this is the approximate fee –

  1. For an adult passport which is of 32 pages & the validity is 10 years, fee is € 170. 00
  2. For an adult, 64 pages passport with a 10-year validity fee is € 255. 00
  3. Fee for a child passport which has 32 pages & the age group is between 16 & 17 years with a 10-year validity = € 170. 00
  4. € 85. 00 is the fee for a child’s passport & this has 32 pages. Age group is under 16 years with a validity of 5 years
  5. In case of an emergency passport, the processing fee is € 105. 00
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