Duplicate Passport

How to Apply for a Duplicate Passport

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There are many reasons that would necessitate getting a duplicate passport in India. For instance your current passport could get lost or get damaged. It could also get stolen. Fortunately getting a duplicate passport is an easy task. There’s a waiting period of between 6 to 8 weeks before you get your duplicate passport though.

Emergency Travel

In the event that you require to travel out of the country urgently for such reasons as a medical emergency, business or family reasons there’s the Tatkal scheme which caters for such needs as you await your duplicate passport. With the Tatkal scheme the waiting period is reduced to between 7 to 10 before you can get your duplicate passport.

For emergency travel there is also a passport that’s offered for a limited validity period. It is given upon the making of a special request to a passport officer. You will be required to give an explanation for the emergency and also offer proof of the emergency. For instance if it is a medical reason that is requiring you to seek treatment abroad you need to show evidence of the same from your doctor or hospital. You will also be required to hand in the documents that are necessary for the issuance of duplicate passports. It is important to note that the only people who qualify to be issued with such passports with a limited validity period are those who can provide copies of the passport they lost.

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Duplicate passport application requirements

There are various documents that must be submitted when applying for a duplicate passport. They must either be submitted personally by the individual applying for the passport or by a proxy who has been nominated and who has a letter of authorization to do so. Below are the documents required to be submitted when applying for a duplicate passport:

  • A passport application form; this is the same form used when applying for a new passport.
  • A police certificate or FIR and a receipt of the same
  • A proof of the date of birth. A birth certificate for instance.
  • In case the passport was lost, a notary.
  • Proof of address. If it’s available an old passport can serve this purpose.
  • Passport size photos(two of them)
  • In case of tatkal, an emergency or urgency letter.

The process of getting a duplicate passport follows the same step-by-step procedure applicable as when applying for a fresh or new passport.

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Duplicate passport application fees

The fees applicable for a duplicate passport depends on the number of pages. Additional fees are charged in order to get a passport in Tatkal. The duplicate passport fees are as follows:

  • The fees charged for a duplicate passport of 36 pages is 2500 rupees.
  • The fees charged for a duplicate passport of 60 pages is 3000 rupees.
  • To get a duplicate passport in Tatkal an additional fee of 2500 rupees is charged.
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The mode of payment for the fees charged for a duplicate passport is cash. The fees can also be paid by use of a demand draft in which case the payee name is the passport officer.