List of Documents Required for Fresh Passport Issuance to adult Indian citizens

Passport applicants tend to get confused by the vague information about items necessary for the processing of their documents. It is  for this reason that we compile the list below to show you exactly what you will need and the options you have at hand.

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Requirements for Adult Indian citizens by birth

An adult in India is anybody who has attained the age of 18. If you are one, here is what you need:

One proof of address document from this list:

  1. Water/telephone/ electricity bill
  2. Aadhar card
  3. Gas connection certificate
  4. Photo pass book from a bank recognized by the PSK.(there are over 100 banks recognized currently; click on to see if yours appears in the list.
  5. Rent agreement certificate
  6. An endorsement letter from a public company, sealed, not printed.
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Special considerations for adult citizens

  • Photocopies of back and front pages of a spouse’s passport are acceptable proof of address provided the addresses that the applicant provides and those indicated in their spouse’s document match.
  • A ration card will be accepted if you present it alongside one or more documents in this list.
  • Proof of birth document

For adults born before 26th January 1989, you can present one of the following:

  • Birth Certificate from any tasked with registration of births and death. In most cases, this will be the Municipal Authority.
  • A leaving certificate from a recognized school or college.
  • Illiterate or semi illiterate applicants (those who did not go past class 5) can present a sworn affidavit from a notary indicating their date and place of birth.
  • For adults born after January 11989, only a birth certificate issued by a recognized office (Municipal Authority) will serve as proof of time and place of birth.
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Special requirement for issuance of Non-ECR status:

  • All diplomatic passport holders automatically qualify for Non-ECR status without extra documental requirements.
  • Gazetted government servants need to submit a recognized identity certificate if they had signed Annexure B, a No Objection Certificate if they used annexure M, or a Prior intimation letter if they applied using Annexure N.
  • Spouses of gazetted government servants can use either Annexure B or annexure D forms if they wish to apply with endorsement from their husbands or wives. With annexure B, they will have to present Identity Certificate of the civil servant. With annexure D, they will need to submit a joint affidavit. They may also present a marriage certificate under annexure B or D instead of Identity certificate or joint affidavit.
  • Educated people with Matriculation Certificates can use the document.
  • Persons above the age of 50 can forward their school leaving certificate, or birth certificates, or sworn affidavits stating their place and date of birth.
  • People who have legally stayed abroad for a total of four years, regardless of whether they spent the whole time there at once or did so in separate periods, can take copies of the first and last pages of their passports.

You realize that most of the items the List of Documents Required for Fresh Passport Issuance are the same in different categories. With the new PSK system, once your details for a particular document are entered for one section, they reflect in other sections, so that you do not have to carry too many duplicates.

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To know the specific ones required for your circumstances, open a passport registration account at

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