Steps to Check the Appoinment Availability Status for an Indian Passport

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Passport is an important document that a citizen of India should have, as this document serves the purpose of not only an identity card but also a proof of address. However, if you do not have a passport, you can apply for a new passport at any of the passport offices such as the passport Seva Kendra or the regional passport offices.

However, when you are applying for a passport, the most important thing to do is that you will have to also look at the appointment availability status before you go ahead to either the passport office Kendra or the regional passport office.

In this article, one can understand the method of checking out the appointment availability status for a passport in an easy manner. All you will be required to do is follow the simple steps given here and do the same when looking for the appointment availability for an Indian passport.

Steps to check the appointment availability status for a passport

Basically, there are 2 ways through which one can check out the appointment availability status for a passport. Keep reading this article to know more about them.

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Method 1 – To check the appointment availability status for a passport

  1. To check the appointment availability status for a passport, you will be required to go to the official passport website
  2. Check on – to be directed to the official passport website
  3. At this site, you will 1st have to select the passport office
  4. There are a number of passport offices such as the following from which you can select any one –
Ahmedabad Amritsar Bareilly Bengaluru
Bhopal Bhubaneswar Chandigarh Chennai
Cochin Coimbatore Dehradun Delhi
Ghaziabad Goa Guwahati Hyderabad
Jaipur Jalandhar Jammu Kolkata
Kozhikode Lucknow Madurai Malappuram
Mumbai Nagpur Patna Pune
Raipur Ranchi Shimla Srinagar
Surat Thane Trichy Trivandrum
  1. In the next step you will have to enter the characters that are displayed on the screen
  2. Enter these characters in the box below the picture
  3. And if you are unable to understand the pictures then click on the tab that reads ‘change the picture displayed’
  4. Finally click on ‘check the appointment availability’ button
  5. After this, you will be taken to another page where the list will be displayed and the screen will have the following information –
PSK / RPO location Application type Appointment quota Appointment date Appointments that have been released

And accordingly, you can select any one of them listed in the table.

Method 2 – To check the appointment availability status for a passport

  1. However, if you wish to get the appointment at the earliest then you may click on the link which is below the check appointment availability option
  2. Or you may also click on the URL
  3. The user will be directed to another web page
  4. Here you will have to enter the login id
  5. In case you are a 1st time user then click on the ‘register (new user)’ option to complete the registration formalities
  6. Once you click on that link, you will further be directed to another page that is nothing but a user registration page
  7. Read on to know what should be done next

Steps to register yourself at the official website of the passport

  1. First select the option as in where will you apply
  2. Next select the passport office; remember that this address should be as per the residential address where you are currently residing
  3. In the next box write the given name and this includes both the 1st name & the middle name (however, any initials or the honorifics are not to be used and these include Dr. / Col. Among others)
  4. Also enter the surname (given name & surname should not be more than 45 characters each)
  5. You will also be required to select the date of birth which will be followed by the e – mail id (again the e – mail id should not have more than 35 characters)
  6. Select the login id option whether it should be the same or not as that of your e – mail id
  7. Type a login id besides checking the availability of the entered login id
  8. Enter the password and read the password policy before entering the password
  9. Re-enter the password
  10. Select the hint question and this will be followed by the hint’s answer
  11. Next enter the characters that are displayed on the screen
  12. If you are not understanding those characters then click on ‘change picture’
  13. Finally click on ‘register’
  14. And when you have registered yourself successfully on the passport’s official website then you may log in and continue to check the appointment availability status for a passport
  15. Moreover, this log id will most probably be useful in the future as well
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List of Documents Required Applying for Indian Passport

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Passport as we know is an important document that is required when you have to travel to other countries. In the articles that you will see on this site, we will be giving information about the Passport and how to apply for an Indian Passport.

But before you go ahead and apply for an Indian Passport you should have an idea as to what are the documents required to get an Indian Passport. And in this article, we have clearly specified the documents that should be kept ready before you apply for an Indian Passport.

Documents required for an Indian Passport which is to be issued in normal mode

Proof of address

Water bill Ration card Telephone bill
Certificate from the employer on the letter head and this have to be from a reputed company only Income tax assessment order Electricity bill
Bank account’s statement Cooking gas connection bill Voter ID
Aadhaar card For minors, parent’s passport copy is required Spouse’s passport is required if it is applicable
Passbook of running bank account Rent agreement that is registered. Duration of this agreement has to be over a year

Important things to remember when you are checking the documents required for a Passport

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Applicants will not have to submit all the above documents but only 1 document will be applicable. However, if you are submitting Ration card as an address proof then this document should be accompanied by one more address proof.

You should also remember that present address proof is required. Aadhaar card can serve as an address as well as an identity proof. But for the minor applicants, address proof is to be submitted and this proof should have the parents’ name.

Date of birth proof for Passport

Birth certificate School TC Affidavit sworn before a Tehsildar / magistrate / sarpanch / notary

Birth certificate that is issued by the municipal authority / office of the registrar of birth & deaths will be accepted and this rule is for the applicants who are born after or on 26th of January, 1989. Furthermore, any one of the above stated documents will serve the purpose of the date of birth proof.

What documents are required for a Tatkal Passport?

Verification certificate which is given in Annexure F Standard affidavit that is given in the I Annexure
To go to the annexure page click on the following link –

Documents required for a Tatkal Passport

Voter ID Freedom fighter identity cards SC / ST / OBC certificates
Service photo identity cards Arms license Property documents
Pension documents Ration card Birth certificate
Railway identity card Driving license Aadhaar card
Bank / kissan / post office pass book PAN card Cooking gas connection bill of the past 2 years

Other documents that will be helpful when applying for a Passport are as follows

Old Passport Marriage certificate Student ID card
PAN Card A letter from magistrate / MP / collector / MLA

Important points to remember

It is advised that you carry original documents as well as photo copies of the documents but keep both the things in different folders. This way you will only save time and thereby there will be less confusion.

However, if the authorities ask for some other document then you can reschedule the appointment. And for this appointment you would not be charged anything. And you can easily get the Passport.

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Indian Passports Types & Application Forms Download

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India is a place different from others & so are the rules in India. But all the rules & regulations will have 1 thing in common & that is – the basis of such rules & regulations were / are / will be the same.

Leaving everything apart, we would today be focussing on the passports which the Government of India issues to the people. Essentially, passport is a document that is given to an individual or a citizen of a state as an identity document.

This document serves as not an identity but also as a proof that you are an Indian citizen. The passports that are issued by the Indian government to the citizens of India will depend to a great extend as to who will it be issued to & what will be the purpose of this issued passport.

In this article, let us look at the differences among the various passports that the Government of India along with the Ministry of External Affairs issues to the Indian citizens. You will have to only remember the fact that a passport is the key that will help you when you wish to travel abroad apart from it being a document that not only serves as an identity proof but also as a proof of address.

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What are the types of passports in India issued by the Indian government?

As per the rules & regulations, there are basically, 3 types of passports which are issued by the authorities in India to the Indian citizens. You can keep scrolling the page to check in detail the types of passports that the Government of India issues to the people.

Types of passports issued by the authorities of the Republic of India

Regular passport

As the name itself says, regular passports are for the commoners or for ordinary travel. Moreover, a regular passport is a Type P passport where the letter P stands for Personal. These passports are encased in a cover which has shades of either black or blue.

When we say that this passport is for the ordinary travel, it means that citizens who wish to go on a vacation or a business trip or to study abroad, then people will get a regular passport. Basically, a regular passport is of 2 types as in – one regular passport will have 36 pages; while the people who travel frequently can opt for the 60 pages regular passport.

Diplomatic passport

Another type of passport is the Diplomatic passport. This type of passport is a real important passport; it is so because a diplomatic passport is only issued to the higher officials, the higher government officials or the diplomatic couriers or the Indian diplomats.

Hence the word came in as a Diplomatic passport. Furthermore, this passport is from the segment – Type D wherein D is for the word Diplomatic. A diplomatic passport is in maroon cover.

Official passport

Finally, we have is an official passport and as the word itself tells us, the official passport is only for the official purpose. As it is an official passport, such a passport will have a white cover. An official passport comes under the category of a Type S passport. And the letter ‘S’ is the short form for service.

A type S passport or an official passport is only issued to the officers or those people who are or will be going to represent the Indian government on some official business.

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Steps to Renew Indian Passport Online Renewal Form Download

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There are times when your passport might have been expired or lost or damaged, but you do not have to be worried or tensed as to how you will get a new passport.

As, in order to get a new passport, you can now without any difficulty apply for a new passport in the form of renew or reissue of the Indian passport. Read on to know more about this process.

Renew or reissue an Indian passport in simple way

Register online

  1. When applying for a renewal or reissuance of a passport, you will first have to register at the passport website official, hence check here to register –
  2. Next click on the – New User register now link
  3. Pick the passport office
  4. Register with the present residential address
  5. To register, enter the details namely name / date of birth / login ID
  6. In your registered e – mail id you will receive the log in
  7. Activate your account with this log in id
  8. When logged in, click on the tab that reads apply for a fresh / reissue of the Indian passport
  9. Now enter the details that have been listed there (in the marked fields)

How to fill the renewal or the reissue form of the Indian passport

Go to the applicant home page after you have registered and later click on the tab apply for a fresh passport or the reissuance of the passport. We have also listed out 2 methods to fill this form.

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1st method to fill the reissuance or renewal form of passport

  1. Download the softcopy of the application form
  2. Fill it offline
  3. Upload when the form is filled completely

2nd method to fill the renewal or the reissue form of passport

When selecting 2nd method, you must have good internet connection.

Book the appointment at the passport office

When you have filled the renewal or reissue passport application form, it is now the turn to book a slot at the passport office.

Check & pay for the passport appointment slot

  1. Check for the tab – view saved / submitted applications on the passport home page
  2. Next click on the link that reads pay & schedule appointment
  3. Select online payment as this is the easiest way to pay for the passport appointment
  4. Next select the passport seva Kendra as well as the time slot as per your convenience
  5. Later select the payment option at the payment page

If you happen to be accepted for a walk in appointment then cancel the schedule besides taking the cancellation page & payment receipt print to the passport seva Kendra.

Documents required for the passport reissue or renewal

  1. Passport, let that be an expired passport or the one which is about to expire
  2. Printed passport application form for the renewal or the reissue
  3. This form must have the application reference number which is also known as ARN

Check the link to know more-

What about the address in the passport?

Take only the 1st / last / ECNR page’s photo copy if the address is same. Attest these copies, also carry another address proof such as the Voter ID or any other ID.

If there is a change in the address then carry the above stated photo copies besides the following documents –

Cooking gas connection bill Water / telephone / electricity bill for the past 2 months Ration card
Bank statement of 1 year and the bank passbook which has the address Aadhaar card Voter ID

How to add spouse’s name or to change name in the passport?

  1. Carry a photo copy of the marriage certificate which is certified as well as the original certificate to add the spouse’s name in the passport
  2. However, to change the name, you should carry original as well as the signed photo copy to the passport office

When should I reach the passport office or the PSK / passport seva Kendra?

It is advised that you go the passport office at the least 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment so that there is no confusion and you are not in a hurry.

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Steps to Apply Indian Passport Online Application Form Download

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Passport is something that you should have if you wish to travel across the world. It is sometimes termed to be a ticket to your dreams. But if you are in that percentage where you do not know as to what is the procedure to get a passport or any other details of the passport then this article on Passport will help you.

We have listed out not only the procedure but also the fees and the documents required for a passport very clearly in the articles on this website. Read on to know more.

Passport, what is it?

Well a passport is a travel document that allows one to travel abroad but only when the visa of that particular country is attached to it. This document also serves as an identity / citizenship. In almost all the countries, passport also serves as an identity card as this document states the details of the passport holders’.

Importance of Passport to Indians

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As per the Passport Act, 1967, Government of India is authorised to issue Passports to the citizens of India if they wish to travel abroad.

Facts of the Indian Passport

1920 is the year when for the 1st time a Passport was issued. However, Passports that are now issued are the 1986 version. Recently, the Indian government also started the biometric version or the e – Passport but this is generally issued only to the diplomatic Passport holders.

What is the Information in an Indian Passport?

A Passport as we know is an important document and on the opening page of the Passport you will be able to find the following information –

Type of the Passport Country code Passport number
Surname Given name (s) Nationality
Gender Date & place of birth Place of issue
Date of issue Expiry date of the Passport Photo of the Passport holder
Signature of the Passport holder Machine readable Passport zone

Information on the last page of the Passport will have the following stuff –

Name of either father or legal guardian Name of the mother Name of the spouse if it is applicable
Complete Address If you have got a passport then that number will be added here as well File number

Validity of Indian Passport

An Indian Passport is valid for 10 years from the time it has been issued.

Things to know about the Indian Passport

There was a recent statement released by the concerned authorities stating that the Indian Passport will from on be valid for only 10 years rather than the earlier version of 20 years. In addition to this, the Passport which have already been issued by the Government of India with an expiry date of either 20 years or more than that will not be valid.

Besides this, the Indian Passports which were issued a few years ago were handwritten and such Passports stand to be invalid from now on. This statement has been introduced in order to help the people. The Indian Passport that will be given to the people from now on would be printed with the help of inkjet printers; which will further help in not letting the words smudge over time.

The text on the Indian Passports is going to be in the official languages of India that is Hindi as well as English. Hence, the next time you see a Passport, you will know what exactly the use of an Indian Passport is among other things.

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