Brazilian Passport Renewal Process with Application Form

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Passport is a document that cannot be given a miss. Therefore, to help you out with the application process of a Brazilian passport, we have listed out the simple procedure to be followed when applying for a Brazilian passport.

Moreover, in this article, we have put forth the various aspects that are to be looked at when applying for a Brazilian passport such as fee / eligibility criteria / procedure / documents required etc. Keep scrolling the page to know more.

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Passaporte Brasileiro                           Renovar Passaporte Brasileiro
Aplicar passaporte de emergência brasileiro

Eligibility to renew a Brazilian passport:

  1. The said applicant must be a citizen of Brazil
  2. As for a child passport, the child should be under 18 years of age
  3. Whereas for an adult passport, the adult has to be over 18 years old

List of documents to be submitted when renewing a Brazilian passport:

  1. Official identification or a state issued identity card
  2. Voter registration certificate
  3. Payment receipt of the passport fee
  4. Federal Revenue Secretariat certificate of registration
  5. Application form – to be printed
  6. For a child’s passport, parent’s consent is mandatory
  7. Parent must also submit their identity & marriage certificate along with the application form for a child’s passport.
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Other documents required:

  1. Earlier issued passport (if available)
  2. 2 photographs
  3. Naturalisation certificate
  4. Either a judicial change of name sentence or an authorisation document
  5. Conscription / Military service / waiver certificate (applicable for men aged between 18 & 45 years)
  6. Marriage certificate

What is the fee for renewing Brazilian passport?

R$ 257 is the fee for the passport. You will be required to pay this fee at the Brazilian banks or through internet banking. Keep the passport payment receipt carefully as this should be taken along with the documents when you head to the Federal office.

Procedure to apply / renew a Brazilian passport:

  1. Go to the official site of Federal Police which is nothing but the passport issuing authority
  2. Fill the form carefully & this is done online only
  3. Next take a print out of the application form
  4. Pay the passport fee
  5. Schedule an appointment at none other than the Federal Post Office
  6. As per the scheduled appointment, head to the Federal post office to submit the application form
  7. Submit the documents as well
  8. Once you are at the scheduled place at the scheduled time then you will have to provide the bio – metric data
  9. This bio – metric data is inclusive of a photo / finger print / signature of the applicant

How much time does it take to get a Brazilian passport?

Time taken by the authorities to issue a passport is 6 working days. Furthermore, if you wish to get the passport a little early then you will have to opt for getting a Brazilian passport issued in an emergency.

Collect the passport in – person:

As per the rule, the passports are to be collected in – person once they are issued by the authorities.


If we look at the procedure mentioned above then we can see that the steps are similar to the ones followed when applied for a Brazilian passport the 1st time. The reason is that Brazil does not allow renewal of the passports.

However, for more information you may click on the following link –

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