Brazilian Emergency Passport Apply Process with Application Form

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Passport is a document that is required when you are making plans to go abroad. However, if you are planning to go abroad on a leisure trip then you can never apply for a Brazilian passport using the emergency passport facility.

This facility is only applicable when the required documents are submitted & when the applicant meets the limitations or the rules laid down by the issuing authorities. It is therefore advised to all the citizens / applicants that they apply for a Brazilian passport only when situations demand.

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Aplicar passaporte de emergência brasileiro

Requirements to get a Brazilian passport:

  1. The travel is immediate & when the applicant is unable to wait for the usual time as on when the passport is issued / delivered
  2. When there is an armed conflict / natural disaster / work related situations / health condition of the applicant / either spouse or the 2nd degree relative requests or requires protection of the assets
  3. The other reasons include humanitarian assistance / government related work which if put off will lead to problematic situations
  4. If the applicant falls in one of the categories then they may very well go ahead & request to get the emergency passport
  5. Furthermore, the charges for this passport will be more
  6. Even the validity of an emergency passport is only 1 year
  7. Applicants will receive the passports within 24 hours & this does not have anything to do with the scheduling of the passport appointment
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Applicants be careful about the following things:

  1. No one can apply for a Brazilian passport especially when the question is about vacation or a leisure trip
  2. If done so then you may have to be ready to pay the price for such an offence

Documents required to get a Brazil emergency passport:

  1. Common passport expedition must be given the required documents
  2. Apart from this, you will have to provide some evidence as for the emergency situation
  3. Applicants will have to never forget the fact that the payment for an emergency passport is more; thus, they will have to pay the premium rate for the emergency passport
  4. Besides this, one must collect GRU which is issued at any of the service stations

Steps to be followed when applying for a Brazil’s emergency passport:

  1. When applying for a Brazil’s emergency passport, you will have to fill the passport application form
  2. To download this form click on the following link –
  3. Applicant must address this passport application form to a Federal Police Station that is close to their home
  4. The documents required are to be submitted as well
  5. And these include the protocol documentation which back the emergency situation besides the original personal documents
  6. When you are eligible for the emergency passport, you will be receiving the payment slip or the GRU
  7. Most important thing is that the deadline for a Brazil’s emergency passport is 24 hours


For further clarifications, you may click on the following link – & if there are any doubts you may contact one of the passport dispatch stations.

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