Belgian Passport Apply Process with Application Form for Adults & Children

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Passport is a document that is required when you plan to travel anywhere in the world. And when it comes to Belgium then a passport tends to be an important part of the life.

And before we go ahead & check out the application process of a Belgian passport, let us understand the fact that the validity of the Belgian passport is 7 years for adults whereas for the minors the validity of a passport changes to 5 years.

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Belgian Passport Apply Process with Application Form:

Who is eligible to apply for a Belgian adult & child passport?

  1. To apply for a Belgian passport you should be a Belgian (citizen)
  2. And you have to cross 18 years of age
  3. Whereas if you are under 18 years of age then you can go ahead & apply for a Belgian child passport & the 1st rule remains unchanged
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Documents required for a Belgian passport:

To get the Belgian passport issued, the following documents are to be submitted –

  1. Belgian identity card or any one of the identity proofs
  2. Previous passport (if issued)
  3. If the passport is either stolen or lost then submit a certificate accordingly
  4. As far the children under 18 years of age are concerned, they will have to sign on the application form
  5. In addition to the child’s signature, a parent has to sign as well
  6. Parental consent is required for a child’s passport


As per the rule children have to sign from the time they can write. Hence, the age that is fixed for the children to sign on the passport application form is 6 years. At times the municipal or the provincial administration or consulate or the embassy for that matter might ask for the other parent’s consent.

Belgian passport fee for an adult (above 18 years) passport:

  1. The fee for a 32 pages passport is € 75
  2. Whereas for a 64 pages passport, fee is € 240

Belgian passport fee for a child who is below 18 years passport:

  1. For a 32 pages passport, fee is € 35
  2. If you wish to get a 64 pages passport then the fee is € 210

Procedure to apply for a Belgian passport:

  1. Firstly you will be required to get a Belgian passport application from the Municipality office
  2. Before attaching the required documents make sure that you fill the Belgian passport application form correctly
  3. You will next have to submit the filled application form in person at the municipality office
  4. As far as the fee for the passport application is concerned, the applicant can pay the fee either by credit or a debit card or in cash
  5. Once you have submitted the passport application form, you will receive the acknowledgement
  6. Never throw away this paper as this document has the passport application number
  7. One can make the appointment with the help of this acknowledgment (number)
  8. Next, applicants must confirm the appointment online
  9. On the scheduled date of the appointment, applicant has to give the bio – metric data which is nothing but your photograph / finger prints / signature
  10. It would take about 5 working days to get the Belgian passport issued
  11. However, to get the Belgian passport issued, you will have to submit the correct documents
  12. Moreover, the passport is issued only when the photograph matches the set requirements
  13. You will have to collect the Belgian passport from the municipality office or wherever you have submitted the form
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