Argentine Passport Apply Process with Application Form

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The Argentine passport is basically issued by the Policia Federal Argentina & the passport that is issued is given to the citizens of Argentina. However, to assist with the international travel, the National Registry for People or ReNaPer has been issuing the passports since 2011.

And if you are looking as to how to apply for an Argentine passport then you have come to right place as we have in very simple & easy – to – understand method given the procedure to get the Argentine passport.

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Eligibility criteria to get an Argentine passport

  1. Applicant has to be a citizen of Argentina
  2. For an adult Argentine passport, the age of the applicant must be 18 years
  3. While for a child Argentine passport, applicant’s age has to be less than 18 years

List of documents required for an adult passport

  1. Birth certificate
  2. DNI or the national identity document
  3. 2 recent colour photograph
  4. Fee receipt
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Documents required to be submitted for a child passport

  1. Birth certificate
  2. DNI or the national identity document
  3. Parent’s consent
  4. Parent’s identification documents such as DNI / marriage certificate
  5. 2 recent colour photograph
  6. Fee receipt

Procedure to apply for an Argentine passport

  1. You must go to the passport issuing authorities official website
  2. Collect the form & fill it properly
  3. See to it that the form does not have any mistakes
  4. Next step would be to scan the documents
  5. The documents that are to be attached have been listed in this article as well
  6. Once all the formalities are completed, you can submit the form along with the documents
  7. The next step would be to pay the required fee either by a debit or a credit card
  8. When all the formalities are completed, submit the application form
  9. On the successful submission of the Argentine passport, one will receive an acknowledgement
  10. The acknowledgement that the applicant receives will have the passport application number
  11. This application number is to be used in order to schedule an appointment for providing the bio – metric details to the concerned officials
  12. Finger prints / signature / photograph are part of the bio – metric data

Argentine passport application processing time

It would generally take about 15 working days for a person to get hold of a passport. This can only happen when the documents have been submitted & when the form is filled properly.

Fee for an Argentine passport

  1. $ 550 is the fee for a standard passport
  2. Whereas for a DNI passport, $ 585 is the passport fee

Validity of an Argentine passport

An Argentine passport will be valid for 10 years & the time counted is from the time the passport is issued.

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