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Lithuanian passports are issued to the citizens of Lithuania. One can apply for this passport while in Lithuania at the police office or at a Lithuanian embassy.

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What is the eligibility criteria to apply for a Lithuanian passport?

  1. To apply for a Lithuanian passport, the applicant has to be a citizen of Lithuania
  2. Secondly, if the applicant is 16 years old or more, then the applicant will have to apply for an adult passport
  3. While the rest of the citizens (who are below the age of 16) will have to apply for a child passport

List of documents to be submitted when applying for an adult Lithuanian passport:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Proof of identity
  3. 2 recent colour photographs
  4. Marriage certificate (applicable to a few applicants only)
  5. Fee receipt

Documents required for a child Lithuanian passport:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Proof of identity
  3. 2 recent colour photographs
  4. Parental consent
  5. Parent’s marriage certificate
  6. Identification cards of the parents
  7. Fee receipt
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Process to apply for a Lithuanian passport:

  1. The applicant will be required to get the passport application form from the passport office / local police station
  2. You can also go to the Migration Department’s official website to get the form
  3. Take the application form & fill it with the correct details
  4. One has to make sure of the fact that there are no mistakes made when filling the application form
  5. Once the passport application form is filled, you will have to attach the documents that are required to have the passport issued
  6. Next step is to submit the application form along with the documents
  7. The applicant also does not have to forget to pay the fee
  8. Fee can be paid either in cash or by using a debit or credit card
  9. The time Lithuanian passport application form has been successfully submitted, the applicant will receive the passport application number
  10. This number is found on the acknowledgement receipt
  11. Use this passport application number to schedule an appointment at the office
  12. This appointment can never be skipped as the applicant has to provide details such as finger prints / photograph / signature
  13. These details are known as the bio – metric details

Lithuanian passport validity:

  1. For adult passport, 10 years is the validity of the passport
  2. For children aged between 5 & 16 years, a passport’s validity is 5 years
  3. 2 years is the passport’s validity for children under the age of 5

Lithuanian passport fee:

  1. 100 EUR is the fee for an adult passport
  2. While 50 EUR is the fee for a child passport

Lithuanian passport application processing time:

To have the Lithuanian passport issued, it would essentially take about 10 to 15 business days. One must also see to it that the documents submitted are absolutely correct.

For more information on the Lithuanian passports, click on – to be directed to the official website of Migration Department of Lithuania.

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