Passport Apply Online In India

Because of the many people applying for passports, the Indian government has relocated most of the process to the online platform such that an applicant, having submitted majority of the required information to through the online channel, has to go to the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) offices only for confirmation reasons.

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This article explains how to apply for passport in India through the ordinary channel. Under normal circumstances, ordinary passports take longer to receive in comparison to Tatkal passports. On the brighter side though, the latter does not involve extra costs.

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Here are the steps:

How to apply for Indian passport offline

You can do the application offline by obtaining and filling a registration form from a District Passport Cell (DPC) office near you. Each form costs Rs. 10.

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Alternatively, you can download and print passport application form free by clicking this link: On the resulting page, you will find various download options. The form you are interested in is located in the first option as shown below:

How To Apply For Passport In India- image 1

Note that your computer must have the most current version of acrobat reader for the document to open in it. This also means you might not be able to view it in certain mobile devices. If the application form cannot open in your laptop or desktop computer, try updating your adobe reader.

Take the completed documents to passport collection center with a demand draft. The applicant must present these in person.

After verification and collection of your details, you will be issued with an acknowledgement letter containing your file number. You can use this number next time to track your passport status.

Some applicants will also have to fill out a supplementary application form. This will be indicated in the main application form if you cannot provide direct answers to certain questions. In addition, if you have ever been deported, imprisoned or denied a passport before, you have to attach a supplementary form together with your main form and other requested documents.

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How to get passport online

  1. Log on to If you are a new user, create an account by clicking on “register now”; otherwise click log in if you have a user ID. While creating a user account, ensure that you give the correct email as you will need to log into the email to complete the account registration.

How To Apply For Passport In India- image 2

  1. On the first page after logging in , click “apply for fresh passport/Reissue of passport”. You will then be presented with options to either fill a form online or download it first. Choose one.


  1. After filling the online form click submit. If you filled in the downloaded form, upload the .xml version that you computer generated after you completed filling, and click submit.


  1. Complete the fixed choices queries on the next resulting page and click next.

By now you should be in a page like this. Click “view saved/ Submitted applications.”

How To Apply For Passport In India-image 3

Under your application details in the next page, click “pay and Schedule appointment.

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Follow the prompts for either Online payment or Challan payment. When all is done, a payment receipt will be generated with date and time of PSK appointment.

If for any reason you cannot make it on the appointment date, log on and reschedule before three days elapse.

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