Apply for an Irish Passport through Express Service Online Application Form

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If you are looking out at various options to apply for an Irish passport then this passport express service would be the best one at that; especially because anyone can apply for an Irish passport & the whole process would be less tiring wherein you will not be required to spend a lot of money.

In this article, we have clearly specified the steps which are to be followed when living in Ireland or Northern Ireland. Read on to know more.

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Steps to be followed when living in Ireland:

Essentially when you wish to submit the application through passport express then you may do so from any of the 1, 000 plus post offices. All you will have to do is follow the steps which have been very clearly mentioned below –

Procedure for applying for an Irish passport when you live in Ireland:

  1. One will have to go to either a post office or a Garda station to get the APS 1E which is nothing but a passport application form
  2. Complete the application carefully
  3. Attach the documents required
  4. You must buy the passport express envelope & remember to place the documents in the envelope before submitting them to the counter clerk
  5. Pay the passport fee either by credit or debit card or in cash or cheque – this is made payable at the post office
  6. After the payment you shall receive a receipt which will have the tracking number
  7. One can use this tracking number to not only track the passport but also clear any sort of queries related to your application form
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Steps to follow when you live in Northern Ireland:

  1. When you live in Northern Ireland, you may submit your application in any of the 70 post offices
  2. And for the form, you will have to fill APS 2E application form
  3. Hand over the passport application form to the counter clerk in a passport express envelope
  4. Do not forget to attach the documents required
  5. Next you may pay the passport application fee in either cash or by cheque or credit / debit card
  6. The time you have made the payment, you will receive a receipt that will have the tracking number
  7. Kindly see to it that this receipt is placed carefully till the time you receive your passport
  8. The reason is that you will be able to check out the status of your passport besides clearing all your doubts regarding the application


When powers come together then the work is done in a swift manner & it is a similar case when it comes to passport. The simple thing is that Passport Service along with An Post are working together in order to get the passport issued max to max in 15 working days. However, the duration might vary & this depends on the type of passport application.

As a matter of fact, it generally takes some extra time whenever security checks are in question. Hence, all the 1st time applicants or the people who have applied to replace the stolen or lost or the damaged passport may have to wait for about 25 working days before the passports are issued.

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